LetsAntakshri – The most Popular Music Trivia Game. Now Even Better – on your phone!

The age old game” Antakshari” celebrates the power of music. It creates nostalgia for all and everyone, young and old, has played the game. It absorbs professional singers and bathroom singers, picnics and weddings.

It makes a long journey short” हँसते हँसते काट जाये रस्ते” and boring evenings fun. “Baithe, baithe kya karein?” No need to ask that again! Your old favorite game is going to become your new favorite on Facebook and your phone.

Increased distances, crazy work schedules and fast paced lives leave us with no time and no company to play the game anymore. The new LetsAntakshri app by Ikdam changes the way you can connect to your loved ones with this age old game in a new music trivia avatar.

Love music? Add to your routine a few fun minutes of melodies, memory jogging, emotions and adrenalin rush. Play to test your music recognition and challenge friends to keep in touch and see who has the best music memory. Keep your passion for music and masti alive by quizzing yourself on your favorite songs.

The exciting LetsAntakshri app includes tons of trivia and challenges from various genres of songs and Bollywood music songs that you love. Enjoy the old charm and enthusiasm in a new-fangled technology friendly approach. Connect with loved ones and your favorite songs with just a few clicks and If you are a Bollywood aficionado at heart… Then it’s time to pull up your socks and get ready for the most fun and most challenging musical game ever! Get ready to play LetsAntakshri – anytime, anywhere!

Yours Musically
The Ikdam team