How do I change my profile Picture ?

When you log in to the Antakshri app using your Facebook account, your Facebook profile picture will be your profile picture for Antakshri.

To change your Antakshri profile picture you would have to change your Facebook profile picture.

What happens if you tie?

If you tie a challenge you receive 2 Tokens

What is Daily Spin Wheel and how to play?

Play the Daily Spin Wheel to win PowerUps or Tokens.

You will have a free spin every 24 hours.
You may also purchase a Lucky Wheel Spin for Tokens with the “Buy Spin” Button.

How do I Decline a challenge?

Challenges issued to you are listed under ‘Accept a Challenge’.

In the event that you do not want to take the challenge you can click on the challenge and click on Decline.

How to view my achievements?

To view a summary of all the games played, highest scores, games won simply click on the Profile tab.

Your total achievements can be viewed in the ‘Lifetime’ category and your achievements from the most recent week in the ‘Last week’ category.

What are PowerUps?

PowerUps can be purchased with Tokens. The various kinds of PowerUps are –

<strong>Replay</strong> – This PowerUp will replay the song from the start, allowing you to hear the song again

<strong>Extend</strong> – This PowerUp will extend the song length by 5 seconds, giving you more time to answer and let you hear parts of the song the other players do not get to hear

<strong>Freeze</strong> – This PowerUp will freeze the game, giving you more time to think about the answer

<strong>50/50</strong> – This PowerUp will remove two incorrect choices from a question
<strong>Universal</strong> – This PowerUp can be used in place of any other PowerUp even if your don’t have any of that kind.